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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

About this Site

Having lived in Dover all my life and always been interested in local  history, a tribute site to Dover seemed a good idea. I have a large  collection of old postcards and photographs of the town and many  books on local history, which I have collected over the years. This site is by no means meant to be an exhaustive history of Dover  but hopefully it will prove useful as a starting point for anyone  wanting to explore the fascinating history of this ancient town. To people passing through I say:   There is more than just the Port, so stop a while and look around.  Your interest will be rewarded. To local people I say:   Much of Dover's past has been destroyed by war or swept away in a  frantic quest for modernisation, but much still remains. If you take a  little time to look into Dover's past you will find that you live in a town with a rich and colourful history. While the present is important, as  Dovorians we have a past to be proud of - and to live up to. Contact If you have any comments about the site you can e-mail me. Please note that if you wish to contact places or organisations  mentioned on this site you need to find out their email address,  if I know this I have included it on the information pages.  Help support this site   The site is not profit making and I have kept advertising to a  minimum and appropriate to the site.  If you click through and buy  using any of the links it doesn’t cost you any more for what you buy  but I get a small commission which helps to pay for the small running  costs.
Dover Castle seen from the Wellington Dock. From a pre First World War postcard.