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The Bulwark Hill Brewery

The earliest reference to this brewery site is in Pigot’s 1823  Directory, which lists Edward Kingsford as a brewer at  Archcliffe Fort Brewery. In the 1828-9 Directory the brewer is  listed as Alfred Kingsford, but by the 1832 Pigot’s Alfred had  moved to the Buckland Brewery and there is no mention of the  Archcliffe Fort Brewery in the list of brewers. As the Bulwark  Hill Brewery was opposite Archcliffe Fort it is likely that it is  one and the same with Archcliffe Fort Brewery, or at least  occupied almost the same site. The first definite mention of the Bulwark Hill Brewery is in the  1840 Pigot’s Directory, with John Alexander Walker and Son as  brewers at Bulwark Hill, and by 1845 the brewer is William  Walker. Sometime between 1844 and 1847 the brewery must  have changed hands because from 1847 to 1882, Henry Cliffe  is listed as the brewer. There then follows a quick change in  ownership, J.A. Rolls is the brewer in 1889 and 1890 but by  1891 it is Woodhams and Levey. The last brewers on the site were the East Kent Brewery, who  are listed in the directories from 1895 - 1900. From the entries  it would appear that they also had premises at Sandwich. By  the 1905 Directory the East Kent Brewery Co. has moved to  premises in Commercial Quay and Snargate Street, and the  Bulwark Hill Brewery is no longer mentioned. These new  addresses were presumably offices and distribution depots for  beer brewed elsewhere. The brewery building still appears on  the 1907 Ordnance Survey map but by the 1913 Street  Directory the site is occupied by the Pier Infants School.
Bulwark Hill Brewery as it appears on the 1866 Ordnance Survey map. Bulwark Hill Brewery c.1912. The broken windows and dilapidated state suggests this photo dates from shortly before the building's demolition. Back to Businesses Index