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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

The Wellington Brewery

The building was originally a paper mill, which had been  producing paper since 1795, and stood on the bank of the river  Dour opposite Mannerings Flour Mill at Buckland.   About 1846 it became a brewery known as Harding’s Wellington  Brewery, probably taking its name from the then Lord Warden  of the Cinque Ports, the Duke of Wellington. The brewery was very close to the Buckland Brewery as can be  seen from the map.   The brewery ceased production in 1890 but the buildings, off  Lorne Road, were not demolished until 1962.   The rather poor quality photographs are taken from newspaper  reports of the final demolition in 1962.  
Wellington Brewery, 1962. The brewery buildings being demolished. Wellington Brewery, 1962. The old brewing vats were still in place when the buildings were demolished. Breweries in Buckland. The sites of the Wellington Brewery (red) and Windmill Brewery (blue) marked on a map of 1908. Back to Businesses Index