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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Dover Castle - The Admiralty Lookout

The Admiralty Look-out stands right on the edge of cliff and has  commanding views of the harbour and Channel.  The tall naval  flagstaff was used for signalling to shipping.  The reinforced  concrete blast walls were added in 1940 after Dunkirk, and the  roof was added in 1941, as protection against air attacks. Below the protective roof and walls are the original brick  buildings of the Fire Command Post of 1905 and the Port War  Signal Station of 1914.  These were built on top of part of the  obsolete Hospital Battery of 1874.  To the rear of the Admiralty  Look-out is the site of the nineteenth century garrison hospital  after which the the battery was named. The Fire Command Post controlled all the guns around the  harbour and from the Port War Signal Station the navy was able  to monitor and control all shipping entering and leaving the  harbour. After many years derelict and inaccessible, the Fire Command  Post and Port War Signal Station have been restored and are  now open to the public.
The Admiralty Look-out.  The restored interior of the Fire Command Post dating from 1905. Back to Castle Index