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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Dover Castle - The Officers’ Mess

The "Officers' New Barracks" was designed by Anthony Salvin, a  leading architect of the 1850s. The building is 383ft (117m) long and sited to the south of the  Pharos overlooking the Channel. It was constructed between  December 1856 and June 1858 at a cost of £50,000.  A contemporary guidebook noted that it could accommodate 45  officers, a mess establishment and had stabling for 12 horses and a  coach house. The first occupants of the the mess were Colonel  Gilpin and the officers of the Bedfordshire Militia, in October 1858.  The building has stood empty for a number of years and has had  most of its interior walls and fittings removed.  In Summer 2003 the building was opened to accommodate a  temporary art exhibition. This has provided a rare opportunity to  see inside the building.   The interior shots were taken on 30th May 2003 on a rather low  resolution digital camera.  
The Officer's Mess. The Royal Arms carved above the main entrance. A bay window on the ground floor. A Fireplace on the ground floor. Detail of fireplace. Back to Castle Index