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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Christ Church

Christ Church stood on raised ground on Folkestone Road almost  opposite Effingham Street. The land for the building was originally in military hands. In  March 1843, application was made to the Board of Ordnance for  a piece of land to build the church. The Board responded  generously by surrendering nearly an acre of ground, which had  previously been used as a garden, situated between Military  Road and Folkestone Road. The land was given on the condition  that there should be space reserved in the church for 150  soldiers and officers. The money for the erection of the building was quickly  subscribed.   The foundation stone of Christ Church was laid on  the 2nd of August, 1843. The building took ten months and the  church was consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the  13th of June, 1844. The building of the church initiated a building boom in the area.  It transformed a large amount of agricultural land into building  sites, to the delight of speculative builders, and gave enhanced  value to property that had been dormant since Folkestone Road  was opened in 1762.  From the start the church was popular and the development of  the area increased the congregation. A succession of galleries  were were added to cope with the demand for seats.  This  demand was not to last and the church closed in 1973 due to  the dwindling congregation. In 1977 the Church Commissioners  decided that the church was no longer needed. The building was  demolished and the site sold for flats. The parish was merged  with the neighbouring St Martin’s parish.  Christ Church Court  now stands on the site.
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