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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Dover 1943 - Business as Usual

An ARP worker searches the cottage to see that no one, alive or dead is left in the wreckage. No man in Dover can be sure his home will not be struck next. Love of his front-line city holds him fast. “We’ve not really been blitzed” he says. Eggs are scarce in wartime Dover. Almost everyone keeps a hen house to supplement the three-a-month egg ration. This flock occupies a once fashionable flower garden facing the seaside promenade. Distinction of being closest to the enemy is considered good advertising. This store claims to be just “over the fence” from Hitler. It’s most popular books are about Dover itself. Three Dover nurses chat in front of a blast wall protecting the entrance to a cave shelter. Seventeen-year-old Joyce Fagg (centre) is a decorated heroine of Dover’s long siege. Back to Dover 1943 Index Next Back