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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Dover 1943 - Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

Keeping buses running in this war-torn corner of England requires an East Kent Transport Column of cooks, riflemen, grenadiers, motorcyclists, ambulance men and nurses. Many drivers were killed and wounded, buses machine-gunned, and garages blown to bits. During air raids or shelling, people waiting in line for buses often hold their places instead of seeking shelter. No one may take advantage of confusion at such times to “crash” the queue – it is against the law. Their mobile canteen, parked on a side street, once was a double-decker bus. Another old bus serves as the bus company’s local office. A bomb fell in the street outside the original building, ripped off the front, killed 14 people, and hurt 30 more. Back Back to Dover 1943 Index