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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Granville Gardens

The Granville Gardens were laid out in 1878 by the Dover  Harbour Board on the site of the old Seafront baths. The  gardens, with their bandstand, pavilion and restaurant, were a  popular resort with Dovorians until the outbreak of the Second  World War. In the background of the coloured photo can be seen Dover's  short lived Promenade Pier and, beyond that, the Eastern Arm  of the Admiralty Harbour under construction.   Much of this part of the Seafront was destroyed by enemy  action. The gardens were reinstated after the war but were a  pale imitation of their former glory, even more so now the pond  has been filled in and the fountain turned into a flowerbed.
The Granville Gardens, 1904. Beyond the Promenade Pier the construction work on the Eastern Arm can be seen. The Granville Gardens, 1910. A band concert in progress. The Granville Gardens, 1965. The post-war restoration of the gardens with the Gateway Flats in the background.