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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

Dover Harbour Station

The Harbour Station was opened on 1 November 1861 by the  London Chatham & Dover Railway after extending their line  through a tunnel from Dover Priory Station. The station had an  overall roof over the platforms of a similar style to that at the  Priory Station. In December 1864 a single track extension was  opened to allow boat trains to run alongside the waiting cross  Channel steamers on the Admiralty Pier .   In June 1881 a double track extension was opened to connect  with the South Eastern Railway’s line near to Dover Town  Station. This line allowed through working of South Eastern  Railway trains onto the newly opened joint line to Deal. The Harbour Station was unusual in that a section of the down  platform was on wheels, which can be seen in the picture on the right. This section could be swung out of the way to allow trains access to the line leading to the Prince of Wales Pier and the  Promenade Railway.   The station closed on 10 July 1927 when passenger traffic for  the town was consolidated at Dover Priory. The old station  buildings are still standing, although the platforms and overall  roof were demolished in 1929.  
Dover Harbour Station, 1861.  An artist's impression of the proposed station. Dover Harbour Station, north end, 1910. The moveable section of platform can be seen just behind the telegraph pole on the left hand side of the picture where the track curves off and disappears under the platform. Hawkesbury Street Junction, 1938.  The back of the old Harbour Station building can be seen to the left of the train. Dover Harbour Station, south end, c.1910.  A South Eastern and Chatham Railway train just leaving the station. Back to Railway Index