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Web Design and Maintenance

I offer web services to schools and local organisations or businesses. When   designing   any   website   planning   the   content   and   how   the   completed   site   will work   is   essential   at   an   early   stage.   It   is   much   harder   to   alter   the   site   structure   once   at   a later   stage.   By   discussing   the   intended   aim   of   your   site,   the   information   that   you   wish to   convey,   and   your   potential   target   audience,   I   will   advise   you   on   the   best   way   to proceed and develop a design suited to your needs. Once   your   website   is   online   it   is   important   that   you   keep   it   up   to   date.   I   offer   annual maintenance contracts to help you ensure the currency of your site. Sites I have designed include: Charlton CE Primary School www.charlton.kent.sch.uk PJ:QuizMaster www.kentquiz.co.uk Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom www.dover-kent.co.uk Please contact me  for prices and to discuss your requirements.