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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

People of Dover - Work and Hard Times

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The people of Dover at work and facing difficulties. Compare the  two photos of Tramway staff. In 1918 there were 12 female  conductors, by 1921 they have all been replaced by men. Click on the photos for more information.  
Gas Works employees over 60 years old, 1902. A Dover soup kitchen c.1920s/1930s. A note on the back of the photo says: A soup kitchen for the poor children of Dover has been commenced. Children queuing up for supplies. The sizes of the jugs indicating the degree of optimism possessed by the holders. Dover Tramway Staff 1918. There are 12 female conductors in the line up and one other woman (office staff?) not in uniform (3rd from right, second row). Dover Tramway Staff 1921. The 12 female conductors have been replaced by men, only the one woman remains (3rd from right, second row).