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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

St Bartholomew’s Church

The church of St Bartholomew stood on the corner of London  Road and Templar Street. The church was built to serve the growing area of Tower  Hamlets which started to be developed in the late 1840s. The  building of a church, which had been discussed for many  years, was finally started in 1877 and on the 27th of  September that year the foundation stone was laid. The church was 111 feet long and 55 feet wide built in Early  English style.  The quoted price for the building was £6370,  but it went over budget and the total cost was £7500.  The  church was consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury on  the 22nd of January, 1879.  The church did not survive to celebrate its 100th birthday.  Due to falling congregations, the parish of St. Bartholomew,  Dover, merged with the parish of SS Peter & Paul, Charlton,  on 1st July 1972 to form the parish of Charlton in Dover, and  the church of St. Bartholomew became redundant. Shortly  afterwards it was demolished to make way for flats.
St Bartholomew's Church c1900.  The church seen from Templar Street. St Bartholomew's Church c1912. The church seen from London Road. St Bartholomew's Church in the 1930s. A view looking down the nave to the chancel. St Bartholomew's Church c.1910.  View of the chancel, showing the screen which was later removed. Back to Churches Index